The Business Development Board of Martin County (BDB) is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit economic development corporation who provides confidential, complimentary services to owners, executives, entrepreneurs and their representatives as they seek to start-up, grow, remain and come to Martin County, Florida.

What Does the BDB Do?

Specifically, we help owners, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and their representatives to:
– Narrow Site Selection
– Problem Solve
– Identify Potential Resources
– Gather Market Research and Business Intelligence
– Obtain Introductions to Elected Officials, Key Leaders and Community Influencers
– Recruit New Talent with Key Education-Workforce Partners
– Make Connections to Capital
– Gain Access to Local Entrepreneur Coaching, Training, Support and Assistance
– Provide PR, Business Profiles, Executive Spotlights, Stories of Triumph and Innovation

What Kind of Jobs and Business Investments is the BDB Working to Grow and Attract?

The BDB’s new “Hubs of Excellence” strategy and “Now’s the Time” Campaign is designed to grow and expand the following key industries that have proven to be producers and generators of higher-paying jobs, capital investments and tax base including agribusiness, aerospace, aviation, clean-green-renewable energy, marine, medical-healthcare and technology sectors.

Who Does Martin County Compete with for Jobs and Business Investments?

In Florida, our major competitors are Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Okeechobee, Orange, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties. Occasionally, we will compete with communities in the states of Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.

Currently, Martin County is being overlooked by companies looking at the Southeast Florida region because they believe we are ‘closed’ for business. The BDB’s new “Now’s the Time” campaign seeks to inform leaders and influencers that Martin County IS OPEN for business and why Martin County IS GOOD for business.

What Are Some of the BDB’s Recent Successes in Attracting, Expanding and/or Retaining Companies?

Aqua Logix: Martin County | 15 jobs | 5,400 s.f. | FY 2021
Division 5 Labs: Village of Indiantown | 70 jobs | 20,000 s.f. | $4 million | FY 2021
Grind Hard Ammo I: Stuart | 20 jobs | 25,000 s.f. | $20 million | FY 2021
Tribute Performance Boats: Martin County | 35 jobs | 24,900 s.f. | $1.825 million | FY 2021

How Does the BDB Impact Local Business?

The BDB is working every day to make Martin County’s economic future as bright as possible by uniting leadership around one mission: championing and strengthening our local economy. Generating job creation, increasing tax base, improving economic well-being and enhancing our community’s vibrancy and quality of life benefits every person and business that calls Martin County home. Additionally, our efforts to improve business climate and advocate for more business-friendly policies and investments benefit firms already here.

What is the BDB’s Relationship to Government?

At this time, the BDB is funded primarily by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners through an unprecedented 10-year agreement to deliver economic development services with additional annual contributions made by the City of Stuart and the Village of Indiantown to help fund the BDB’s Business Plan, strategies and campaigns. The BDB team works closely with government partners on service delivery, policies, regulations, incentives, business assistance and disaster recovery and resiliency.

Who is Involved with the BDB?

Leaders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors engage with us because they believe in the cause of ensuring a stronger, more resilient economy for all. These top leaders help us by meeting with companies, providing referrals, problem solving, funding marketing campaigns and providing testimonials about Martin County as an emerging business destination for 21st century companies.

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