Corporate Council Visits South Florida Gateway

One of the perks of being a BDB Corporate Council member is the quarterly meetings. More than just an informative meeting they’re often a unique or behind-the-scenes industry encounter that only BDB Investors get to experience.

It’s not even been a full year after breaking ground Foundry Commercial and Miller Construction hosted the Corporate Council at South Florida Gateway on Kanner Hwy, just west of Hwy 95 on August 17.  Still a very active construction site, with every phase of construction, from underground utilities, tipping up concrete structures, curbing and streetscaping to HVAC and landscaping all happening at the same time, the Council got a one-of-kind hard tour of the site.

Ted Elam, Principal for Foundry Commercial explained to Council members the tremendous investment being made in Martin County and what it will mean for the local economy in the future. And Vince Cozzolino described the immensity of the construction project, from the number of contractors and skilled workers on site at any given moment to the amount of square footage of industrial space that will be available for lease before year’s end.

“We really enjoyed it!” says Sarah Lynch, Vice President, and Commercial Banker for Seacoast Bank and a BDB Investor, “it was great to have a tour of the site and exciting to see that amount of square footage being added to Martin County.”

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