Investor Profile Evergreen Private Care: A Legacy of Service

Often, when companies identify a location to relocate their business or call their corporate home, they cite access to quality health care for their employees as one of their considerations. That is just one reason why we chose to profile William “David” Snyder, owner and Chief Operations Officer of Evergreen Private Care, this month for our Investor Profile; the other reason is his commitment to the community, ensuring that it’s healthy and sustainable for future generations.

Snyder’s five years with the Martine Corp instilled in him a passion for service that grew stronger upon his return home to Martin County. “Service to others is our highest calling,” says Snyder, “and I am fortunate to carry on my family’s 30-year legacy in healthcare, an industry that not only embodies my commitment to care for others but also for our community as it grows.”

While his day-to-day focus is on the operations at Evergreen Private Care, a provider of concierge home healthcare, emphasizing respect, compassion, and excellence, he has his eye on the big picture for Martin County.

“Economic development is about creating and sustaining a robust and resilient economy in Martin County. One that can weather unexpected turbulence while maintaining our community’s unique character.” Snyder goes on, “For me, it’s about ensuring that growth benefits all residents of our county while preserving the cultural and natural resources that I hold dear and want my children’s generation to inherit. It’s about creating a legacy of prosperity that is as much about quality of life as it is about a supportive tax base. Economic development is something that every business owner should care about and something I continue to learn about every day.”

For Snyder, being an Investor and Board Member of the BDB is a continuation of his community service. He stridently believes that when the public and private sectors work together as a team, the possibilities are endless; whether it’s creating employment opportunities for individuals seeking better wages, or companies that need qualified talent, to a diversified tax base that is more substantial and sustainable, Snyder recognizes that only working together will Martin County elevate the financial well-being of every resident and business for today or well into the future.

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