Investor Profile Joan Greenberg: The Power Behind Manpower

“There are so many great reasons for people to want to live and do business in Martin County: great schools, quality health care, a beautiful natural environment, and proximity to the beach,” says Joan Greenberg, Regional Director, Manpower. “And finding the work someone loves to do close to home is the perfect scenario.” Helping people find the perfect situation is what Greenberg is all about and has been dedicated to doing for more than 40 years.

When asked what it’s like collaborating with the BDB when creating perfect scenarios, she answered, “We’re very much alike; we don’t approach the economy, a business, entrepreneur, or a job seeker with a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Every community, business, and person has different goals and aspirations. We first listen and then take their pulse to understand before we can help them be successful fully.”

Since 1980, Manpower has provided employment opportunities, training, and workforce solutions on the Treasure Coast. Laser-focused on their communities, Manpower leaders like Greenberg find great satisfaction in finding employment opportunities and opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Greenberg advocates equally for all her clients but finds it especially meaningful when she can educate employers on the advantages of hiring people with disabilities and more mature candidates (50+), many of whom have the often overlooked but much coveted “soft skills” desired by so many employers.

Naturally curious, Greenberg understands that knowledge is powerful and makes us all better, especially when we collectively share our experiences and insights. She also constantly seeks innovation and creative pathways to progress and continuous improvement. It’s no wonder that she has been recognized for her strong leadership and has received four President’s Club Awards in the past; people, knowledge, and innovation are foundational values for the company, all of which she embodies.

The perfect scenario she found with Manpower is the one she tries to make possible for many others.

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