Partner Spotlight: SBDC at IRSC

A team approach to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs find success.

Are you a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur looking to take your first steps in the business world? The Florida Small Business Development Center at Indian River State College can be your go-to business resource. Conveniently located on IRSC’s Campus, the SBDC offers a wide array of services designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get started, grow, and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Among the plethora of services they provide, which you can learn about here, they have an exciting new initiative that they recently launched, The Pioneer Starts – Potential to Prosperity program. This innovative project was made possible through the Entrepreneurship Education and Training Grant and is set to revolutionize the SBDC’s approach to nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs.

The EET grant empowers Indian River State College to establish an entrepreneurial/innovation education and training support program. This comprehensive initiative aims to deliver traditional business training and education coursework, fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing business acumen. Leveraging the existing resources of the IRSC School of Business and the Florida SBDC at IRSC, this program promises to be a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs. It includes some of the following components:

Consulting– Personalized business consulting, mentoring, and coaching services will be extended to CTE students, providing invaluable guidance on their entrepreneurial journey.

Access to tools and resources – CTE students will have access to a wealth of resources, including business planning tools, market research, industry analysis resources, and cutting-edge business management and operational software.

Another exciting resource the SBDC offers to all small businesses is their podcast, Small Biz Florida.” The Small Biz Florida Podcast is crafted to spotlight key issues and promote available business assistance resources throughout the state. It provides a platform for valuable business insights, offering expert advice, success stories, and industry trends to help navigate challenges and seize opportunities in Florida’s dynamic business landscape. Listeners gain access to a wealth of business assistance resources, including programs, grants, loans, and initiatives that offer crucial support to small businesses.

The podcast also keeps you updated on economic trends, policy changes, market challenges, and local business initiatives, providing a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the business environment in Florida. Moreover, the podcast shares inspirational stories, offering motivation and insights from the remarkable success stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the state, providing valuable ideas to propel your own business forward. Small Biz Florida has hosted a variety of influential guests, from participants on NBC’s hit show Shark Tank to Florida political representatives and experts in the field of growth strategies, export marketing, and Florida’s ever-growing economy. The show has also been instrumental in facilitating the disbursement of key disaster relief and recovery opportunities for the Florida marketplace following the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ian.

To keep on top of all the services and opportunities made available through the SBDC at IRSC readers should sign up for their Monthly Business Boost newsletter. Their newsletter is specifically curated for entrepreneurs and small business owners, offering insights into upcoming events, workshops, and the latest news from the SBDC. Here is the latest Monthly Business Boost sent out earlier in March.

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