Speaking with the CEO: Jensen Beach Tech Center

Joshua D. Miron, president and general counsel of Sharfi Holdings.

Joshua talks about the diverse array of businesses founded by local technologist Ben Sharfi, the exciting new additions complementing the Jensen Beach Tech Center, and the company’s commitment to successfully attracting back to Martin County the many talented local people who left to earn their educations yet say they long to return—if compelling employment opportunities existed.

What’s your role at Sharfi Holdings?

I hold dual roles at Sharfi Holdings, serving as both the President and General Counsel. In my capacity as President, I lead various teams dedicated to ensuring the success of over 100 entities under the Sharfi umbrella in Florida. As General Counsel, I am the primary legal advisor for the company.

What do those include on the Treasure Coast?

On the Treasure Coast, our ventures include Jensen Beach Technologies, LLC, based out of the Jensen Beach Tech Center. Additionally, the Tech Center houses a new Mediterranean restaurant, Sabra Grill. Across the street from the Tech Center is The Jensen Beach Campus which has both residential and commercial properties. Byte Services Industries (BSI) is our in-house construction and development company.  Nesha Farm, is a 30-acre organic farm in Palm City that provides the majority of the produce for our restaurants. PlusOne Air operates and manages private jets out of Treasure Coast Airport, and we are in the process of reopening The Buccaneer Resort and Marina, a boutique resort, restaurant, and full-service marina in Palm Beach, among other projects.

So, is the Jensen Beach Campus an educational center?

The term “campus” is intentional, emphasizing community, collaboration, and innovation. We aim to create a space where people can come together to learn, innovate, and contribute across various domains, be it technology, culinary arts, or beyond. Our vision is for this area to serve as a hub where individuals can live, work, eat, play, and innovate within the same vicinity.


Yes. It’s Ben Sharfi’s vision to create something really special that complements this beautiful community and natural area and allows our staff to truly experience a balanced life/work dynamic.

Located at the corner of Indian River Drive and Pineapple Avenue, the Jensen Beach Tech Center is our enterprise anchor, where we innovate and develop technologies, some of which support our military personnel.

The residences—which we plan to expand upon eventually in a future mixed-use project—are offered at a discount to our employees so we can ensure they have quality housing. The campus includes the restaurant Circa69, a bar and grill with some delicious drinks and food in an atmosphere inspired by the Summer of 1969.

At the campus, we recently opened up a coffee shop called :Java_Script, a convenience store called Bits & Bites—both nods to Ben’s background in computer engineering—as well as Burrito Heaven and Joe & Benny’s ice cream parlor. We want to make it easy for our employees and the community at large to access and enjoy high quality, delicious, healthy food and treats.  

What drew Mr. Sharfi to Jensen Beach?

Being a longtime resident of Sewall’s Point, Mr. Sharfi was drawn to this location on the Indian River Lagoon. The warmth and welcoming nature of the people in the area, where his children grew up and his grandchildren will also do so, further solidified his connection.

Do you see the Jensen Beach Tech Campus as a place that could inspire the return of people who grew up in this area and moved away but say they would welcome a chance to come back for a good job opportunity? 

That’s one of the key goals from the beginning and it’s reflected in the logo for the Tech Center. It features a sea turtle because they always return to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs. We’re building a talent base and place for its expression in hopes of drawing back to the area the local talent that left for college but would happily return for the right opportunities.

What do you look for in a prospective hire and is it tech-specific?

We want to draw all kinds of talent—in construction, the trades, as well as pilots for Plus One—not exclusively for the Tech Center. We aspire to attract diverse talent, spanning construction, trades, and pilots for Plus One, not exclusively for the Tech Center. We are seeking individuals with strong work ethics, effective communication skills, integrity, loyalty, ambition, and the ability to think freely and express ideas when appropriate.

The success of Sharfi Holdings is due primarily to the quality of its employees—the team. We want to attract talent, nurture a culture that cultivates it and go even further by offering a larger atmosphere that enhances their lives outside of work—while also catering to the entire community. That’s what the Jensen Beach Campus is all about.

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